Picture Book Review: The People You May See by Lisa Marie Koehler

The People You May See written and illustrated Lisa Marie Koehler From Goodreads: Sometimes you will see someone that makes you curious about what they are wearing, saying, or doing. Many of these people experience strange looks, personal questions, and bullying. Volunteer models have agreed to be part of this book in an effort to […]

The Swan Book and Racism in Book Reviews

The Swan Book by Alexis Wright From Goodreads: The Swan Book is set in the future, with Aboriginals still living under the Intervention in the north, in an environment fundamentally altered by climate change. It follows the life of a mute young woman called Oblivia, the victim of gang-rape by petrol-sniffing youths, from the displaced […]

Picture Book Review: Maxine’s Hands by Dr. Lynda Jones Mubarak

Maxine’s Hands written by Dr. Lynda Jones Mubarak, picture by Adua Hernandez From Goodreads: Have you ever been busy with an important project and discovered another situation that is just as important as your current challenge? Follow reading detective Maxine Hill as she finds another surprise waiting in her local neighborhood. A little investigation will […]

Picture Book Review: Beautiful Black Girl by Keshia Johnson

Beautiful Black Girl written by Keshia Johnson, illustrated by Mark Mas Stewart From Goodreads: Read along as renowned author, Keshia Johnson of Beautiful Black Girl, tells the story of a young girl Mila, whose grandmother Molly takes her on a journey of falling in love with her beautiful black skin. The story of Mila’s journey […]

Picture Book Review: Mama Bird, Baby Bird: Leap of Faith by Blaise Harris

Mama Bird, Baby Bird: Leap of Faith by Blaise Harris, illustrated by AttitudeCheck From Goodreads: To encourage someone and to help others overcome their fears. Be a good friends and motivate each other to fly. Baby Bird needs to learn to fly, but he’s nervous! Mama Bird knows he’s ready, though. With some gentle encouragement, […]

Picture Book Review: I Am Sausal Creek by Melissa Reyes

I Am Sausal Creek/Soy El Arroyo Sausal written by Melissa Reyes, illustrated by Robert Trujillo, translated by Cinthya Jeanette Muñoz Ramos From Goodreads: I Am Sausal Creek/Soy El Arroyo Sausal is a bilingual children’s book about the environmental and cultural history of Oakland told through the voice of a local waterway, Sausal Creek. I love […]

Picture Book Review: Missing Daddy by Mariame Kaba

Missing Daddy written by Mariame Kaba, illustrated by bria royal From Goodreads: A little girl who misses her father because he’s away in prison shares how his absence affects different parts of her life. Her greatest excitement is the days when she gets to visit her beloved father. With gorgeous illustrations throughout, this book illuminates […]


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