Picture book Review: Abraham’s Great Love by Louie T. McClain II

Abraham’s Great Love written by Louie T. McClain II, illustrated by Xander A. Nesbitt Book description: Journey with Melanin Origins as we share a short story about Abraham, the “Father of Many Nations”, and how his life lines up with the Fruit of the Spirit: Love. As a believer dedicated to doing God’s Will, Abraham […]

Picture Book Review: My Day with Qeengish by Nichole Vasquez-Sutter

My Day with Qeengish (Qéengish No’ó’nan) by Nichole Vasquez-Sutter, illustrated by Arthur Lin From Google Books: A story of a girl’s day spent at the whim of her friend, Qeengish, the squirrel. This book is written in both English and Luiseno. This is a perfect little Fall book for young readers. The story is sweet […]

Picture Book Review: Gunner Gets Stocks by Charlesa Flatten

Gunner Gets Stocks by Charlesa Flatten, illustrated by Hailey Campbell From Goodreads: Gunner Gets Stocks is the tale of a young man who filled his piggy bank with money he saved over time. Read along as Gunner learns about opening a brokerage account, dividends, and choosing companies to invest in. It’s funny how sometimes the […]

Picture Book Review: Alejandria Fights Back!/La Lucha de Alejandria! by Leticia Hernandez-Linares

Alejandria Fights Back!/La Lucha de Alejandria! by Leticia Hernandez-Linares and the Rise-Home Stories Project, illustrated by Robert Liu Trujillo From Goodreads: For nine-year-old Alejandria, home isn’t just the apartment she shares with Mami and her abuela, Tita, but rather the whole neighborhood. Home is the bakery where Ms. Beatrice makes yummy picos; the sidewalk where […]

In the background is a close up of a cell. There are two cascades of blood cells, some round and some sickle shaped. In the foreground is a little girl wearing a blue shirt, blue skirt, blue leggings, and brown boots. Her hair is pulled up into two puffs one of which has a pink bow on it. She has her hands up in the air and is kicking up one leg. Around her are three characters from the book, a black cat, a red blood cell, and a white blood cell. All have arms and faces and are waving at the reader.

Picture Book Review: The Tale of the Cell by Georgene’ Glass

The Tale of the Cell written by Georgene’ Glass, illustrated by M. Ridho Mentarie From Amazon: The Tale of the Cell is a picture book about the trials that children and adults experience while battling Sickle Cell Disease. While Gia goes through the joys and pains of living with Sickle Cell, she never looses her […]

Picture Book Review: Queen Olivia and The Lava Monster by Kristin Mosely

Queen Olivia and The Lava Monster written by Kristin Mosely, illustrated by Jorge Mansilla From Amazon: Queen Olivia is the ruler of Happy Land and she encounters a dreaded foe that threatens to take over her land. But little did this foe know that it was no match for Queen Olivia and her townspeople. On […]


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