January 1st Edition: Reading Resolutions

This past summer I really knocked out a huge portion of my TBR pile, but with the end of the year blog posts that looked back to good books and ahead to books that look good, it’s grown again. In order to get a handle on my piles (which are really lists on GoodReads) I’m hoping to take a bit more methodical approach to my reading this year. I would also really like to get to some older books and the backlists of a number of authors. In addition I am trying to focus a bit more on middle grade and even upper elementary books as I now volunteer one a day a week in a lower school library (PK-5).

To this end I am resolving to:

  • choose an author each month and read as many of their older books as possible
  • read at least two or three titles off my TBR (YA or MG) piles; if they are titles by the monthly author, they count toward this
  • read one non-fiction book off my personal shelf at home; this kind of  reading has taken a real back burner since my daughter was born and with all the YA books I plowed through last year

I’m sharing this here to try and keep myself honest and also because you will be seeing the reviews come across the blog. I also think by breaking it up into more manageable chunks with goals like this, I will actually stick with it. Last year my reading came in these incredible bursts, but that strategy wasn’t very sustainable. I would go through long lulls before picking up another stack from the library and maniacally reading through them while ignoring the dishes, laundry, and dinner.

Does anyone else make resolutions for their reading?