Picture Book Review: Mama Bird, Baby Bird: Leap of Faith by Blaise Harris

Image description: A White background with the title handwritten at the top. A pink bird with purple fluff on her head has her wing around a small apprehensive looking blue bird. They sit in a brown nest.

Mama Bird, Baby Bird: Leap of Faith by Blaise Harris, illustrated by AttitudeCheck

From Goodreads: To encourage someone and to help others overcome their fears. Be a good friends and motivate each other to fly.

Baby Bird needs to learn to fly, but he’s nervous! Mama Bird knows he’s ready, though. With some gentle encouragement, and a little push, Baby Bird is out of the nest and flying.

On the surface this is a very simple story with a clear message about learning to fly with some encouragement. The story is short and straight forward, told with a just a sentence per page. The length and clarity makes it perfect for the 2-5 year old set.

The illustrations in Mama Bird are absolutely adorable. With simple, colored pencil drawings of the nest and two birds, the facial expressions and bright colors are inviting for young children. Their clarity makes the storytelling support they provide perfect for emerging readers and young audiences.

But don’t let the simplicity of the illustrations or text fool you. This is an Aesop fable, not your run-of-the-mill easy reader. The back includes two inspirational quotes, a note on what it means to encourage your friends, and a question for discussion. This is the perfect back matter for a perfect story. It shows that even simple stories can be deceptively full of good ideas that make you think. What exactly does it mean to encourage yourself, your friends, and family? What does it mean to have faith- not necessarily religious faith, but faith in your own abilities or others? Kids will quickly get the connection between these ideas and the story and can use it like a fable in their everyday lives as they learn to be supportive and encouraging friends.

This is definitely an excellent pick for school and classroom libraries with social emotional curriculums. It would make a great read aloud and discussion in kindergarten and even early first grade classrooms too. I could even see it working well in Sunday School/religious classrooms. Parents with Nervous Nellys (that would be my household!) can also benefit from sharing this story of faith and encouragement with their own Baby Birds.

Disclosure: I was sent a review copy by the publisher, Melanin Origins, in exchange for an honest review.

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