Episode 3: The Reading Process


Listen online.


The Stages of Reading Development

  • Pre-Reader
  • Emergent Reader
  • Early Reader
  • Transitional Reader
  • Self-extending Reader
  • Advanced Reader

Things to Keep Your Eye On

  • Squinting while reading or holding the book very close to their face
  • Frequently needing to sound out the same word again and again, even after sounding it out previously within the same sentence or book (if it happens a lot or over an extended period of time)
  • Frequently skipping sounds within a word while they’re sounding it out, or starting sounding out the word in the middle of the word or the end of the word (if it happens a lot or over an extended period of time)
  • Frequently not able to retell a story or part of a story that they have just read

Books we mention

What we’re reading:


Early & Emergent Reader:

Transitional Reader:

  • You Should Meet series (there are two links there to two boxed sets of the books; skip RBG because the Supreme Court sucks, even her)
  • Who Was/Is…? & What Was/Is…? series (linked to two of the lesser offensive titles in this series, but do not really recommend this series)

Self-Extending Reader & Advanced Reader:

Reading Spark

Other resources

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