Episode 6: Read Alouds

Wood block print of a family in a kitchen ironing, cooking, and sitting at the table reading a book together.
“Family Circle”
Wood block print by Ashley Bryan



Books we mention

Other resources

Read Aloud Focus Suggestions

  • Orientation: the size and shape of the book, a landscape orientation has shorter height than width, a portrait orientation has a shorter width than height 
  • Dust jack: the cover that goes around a hardback, cover of the book
  • Endpapers: the pages glued to the inside of the cover of a hardback, they often feature elements of the story that add to the understanding of that story, paperbacks sometimes feature them as the first and last bound pages
  • Front matter: the cover, title page, copyright page, dedications, etc.
  • Second story: these are stories that are not written into the the text of the story, but are seen in the illustrations 
  • Gutter: the split between the right and left pages
  • Air frames: the white space around the illustrations
  • Typography: the fonts as well as how they are presented on the page
  • Single- and double-page spreads
  • Also think about how time is shown progressing in illustrations

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