The Podcast

Welcome to the At Home Librarian Podcast, hosted by Tibby and Alexis! We’re both educators who want to help parents, caregivers, Teachers, and librarians feel empowered to help the children in their lives By demystifying how learning happens.

On this page find the episodes we have published so far, show notes, and transcripts for each episode.

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In season one of the At Home Librarian Podcast we are examining what it means to become a reader, explaining how that happens, exploring beyond the most famous kids books, and diving into the works of children’s book artists, authors, and scholars. Along the way we’ll recommend books for you to share with the children in your life, help you diversify their bookshelves, and hopefully reassure you that whatever your kid loves reading is okay. There is so much good stuff when it comes to children’s books.

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Episode 1: Welcome to the At Home Librarian Podcast

Episode 2: What Is Kidlit?

Episode 3: The Reading Process

Episode 4: Raising a Reader

Episode 5: The Picture Book

Episode 6: Read Alouds

Episode 7: Beyond Books

Episode 8: How to Find Books

Episode 9: History of Kidlit Part 1

Midseason Bonus: Book Recommendations

Bonus Episode: Countering Scary Narratives